Friday, 19. January 2018, Coffs Harbour, Close Encounters Conference

from 19. January 2018 - 9:00
till 20. January 2018 - 5:30
Coffs Harbour
AustraliaCoffs Harbour11 Firman Drive2450
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56 people attending
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We invite you to join us at the Close Encounters Conference for transformational presentations, workshops and healings that will help you gain a deep understanding into our rapidly changing world – a time of unprecedented change that requires a new story. The better we truly know ourselves, the better equipped we are to embrace whatever comes our way and thrive in the new world, in harmony and fully aware.

If you love looking up at the stars, wondering who and what is out there, then this Conference is for you.

Keynote speakers are:

* Laura Eisenhower
* Mary Rodwell

Other speakers include:

* Dr Horace Drew (aka Red Collie)
* James Bartley
* George Kavassilas
* Tracey Ash

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* Virginia Jones
* Nada Titania
* Scott Torrance
* Dr Maree Batchelor
* Kristian Moore
* Kay McCullock

Visit our website for our speaker showcase and program:

To book accommodation at the Aanuka Beach Resort, call the Reservations Desk on (02) 6652 7555. Ask for the Close Encounters Conference Delegate Discount (15%). Visit their website

We love this message from the Hathors that sums up the theme of our conference:

“Will you consider for a moment that there are billions upon billions of galaxies in your universe? Now, consider the fact that most of your galaxy is unchartered territory for you, as humans. Now, take into consideration the diversity that exists on your planet. Now, consider that the kind of diversity you have on your planet is reflected out into the stars, the other worlds, and other galaxies in your universe.

So we want you to consider all of this because we want you to be prepared for the life that is out there, so to speak. You are part of a broader family of beings that you share genetic material with, that you are connected to energetically, that you have history with. These beings can provide you with much knowledge and can help to complete some of the pieces in yourselves that have always felt as though they were floating around, or foreign, or not quite fitting in.

You are much more complex than you even realize. These beings can help all of you make sense of yourselves. Our recommendation to you is that you reach out with your intentions, with your thoughts, with your energy, and let these other beings know that you are willing to share experiences with them, to share perspectives, and to reconnect.

There have been many stories told about extra terrestrials on your world. So many of those stories are taken to such an extreme that many of you feel that these beings are either going to destroy humanity, planet earth, and everything on it, or you believe that they are coming to rescue all of you from yourselves. We want you to prepare yourselves for something that is very much in between those two extremities ...

So what we are giving you here is the idea that when you are preparing for contact, prepare to meet an aspect of yourself, a being that is not so different from you, and beings that have as much to gain from interacting with you as you do from interacting with them. You are part of a galactic community, and sooner than later you will meet your neighbors..”

[Reprinted with Permission] Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Please email us info@ for any questions.
أجي تعلم الإنجليزية.

أجي تعلم الإنجليزية.

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