Saturday, 04. August 2018, Stratford Upon Avon, "Memory lane" at Shakespeare County Raceway. (date not set)

from 04. August 2018 - 17:00
Stratford Upon Avon
Stratford Upon Avon
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**Please click attending!
I will explain why...**

It is with great shame to hear that shakey will be dissaperaing in the coming future (time scale uncertain) and nothing has been put in place, so....

I have a solution that will work if everyone gets involved from the UK/ possible Abroad racers and spectators if intrested to keep a track in action keeping championships, RWYB and all other events that we enjoy participating in and for others watching!
I'm calling all cars and bikes,.
I'm calling all street legal..
I'm calling all super gas, sportsman et, classic ford, super car enthusiast, v dubs, drift cars, junior with quartermile in mind!
All fans, all racers, all engines big and small..

"Memory lane" is an event that will be dedicated to building a new track and to be held at Stratford Shakespeare county raceway ( with permission from owners/support of drivers/attendees) for one perpose and goal in mind.

This event will involved anyone with a passion for fast cars, fast bikes and everything in between...

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All I ask is you show your support on the day I have booked for "memory lane" (when permission grated) and the process will start!
With the help of spreading the news to others on this event, I have worked out that this can be achieved in 1 year with the attendance of everyone that wishes to be involved in this movement.
Even a few American drag racers are in talks with helping out their English friends!

This is not a music event!!!
yet i will be supplying all the Djs and bands for your evening entertainment headliners and with a few extras suprises in time!! ...!��

I'm asking for a RWYB event track weekend host by "Memory lane" as it is our best stance as We will not be conflicting with other events at shaky.

I'm willing to give this a 100% if there are those that are serious and return 100%. keep in the loop and give me some help sharing this event to show all imvolved this is a very real solution that will work!

This event page will be updated In due I know answer you will all be informed via my page I have created.
You are all welcome to join in the discussion I encourage it!

Meanwhile please help share/add those that also have passion for drag racing and motorsports in general.

**Please "click attending/intrested" to this event.**

Help spread awareness out to those around us in the same scene.
Thank you to anyone and everyone for helping me push this idea and I will commit myself to making this worth while if successful.�

Thank you to all Racers and race fans �
Pay no attention to the date of this event. it is not scheduled, it is here for all to see and to gather intrest within the community to make a reality...

Please click "attending" or i"nterested" thank you �
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