Sunday, 06. May 2018, भारत, Digital Film Making - How to Make a Short Film

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Do you want to make a short film? Do you ever dream of making a Movie some day? If you answered ‘yes’, this course is specially designed for you. This course will get you started as a Film maker.

As a part of this course you will write a script for a short film, shoot and edit the short film and upload it to YouTube. There will be 6 class sessions and 2 practical sessions.

Course Contents:

Pre Production: Fundamentals of Script writing, How to source ideas for your short film, Developing your script, The script format, Preparing a Story board for your short film, Budgeting, Production Planning and scheduling.

Production: DSLR Camera settings for shooting video, Lighting, Framing, Shot size and Composition, Camera movement and Equipment, Capturing Sound, Fundamentals of Film Direction, Directing actors. Managing the crew.

Post Production: Editing process, Parallel cut, Editing Dialogue, Adding Sound and Music, Visual Effects, Sound Effects, Sound Design, Final Cut

Distribution: Uploading the short film to social media sites like YouTube, Entering national and international Film Festivals.

REQUIREMENTS: No prior film making experience is needed for this course. Must have passion for films.

और दिखाओ

The fee is Rs.10,000 only. Limited to 6 students per batch, admitted on first come first served basis. Call 9952099040 now to register.



“Your teaching was a great eye opener into the film world. The materials given and the classes conducted were worthy to the core….In fact, hands on experience in shooting a short film boosted our creativity and skill. Your dedication and passion is our inspiration….” – Catherine Geetha, Lecturer, Womens Christian College, Chennai.

“Your short-film making course truly revealed the magnitude of effort that goes behind film-making. Considering that this was only a part time course spanning 2 months, you did very good justice to the process of learning, especially with those assignments and the actual short-film shooting. Thanks a lot to you for introducing me to the nuances of film-making! Thanks for being a wonderful teacher!” – Kesavan Hariharasubramanian, Cognizant Technologies.
Bahadurgarh Metro Inaugration

Bahadurgarh Metro Inaugration

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