Thursday, 08. February 2018, Chapora, Karacus Marakus (Pralayah Records VA Release) 2018

से 08. February 2018 - 10:00
तक 10. February 2018 - 22:00
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Dear Freaks,
We are happy to announce our 3rd edition of Karacus Marakus which will be held on the 7th of february 2018.This gathering is going to be special for us as we also release the much awaited Pralayah Records Va with a tracklist of top-notch artists who have worked with us previously.Most of the Va artists will be performing Live at this edition together with some New Artists performing for the first time in India.


ATRIOHM (Parvati Records)-Macedonia

ORESTIS (Sonic Loom Music)-Greece

ULVAE (Parvati Records,Pralayah Records)-Portugal

और दिखाओ
PETRAN (Sonic Loom Music)-Greece

TENGRI (Parvati Records)-Macedonia (First Time in India)

TROMO (Sonic Loom Music)-Greece (First set of the season)

OBELISK (Parvati Records) -sweden/Germany/Greece
(First time in India)

DRURY NEVIL (Sonic Loom Music)-Greece(First time in India)

SCOPE (Lost Theory Records)-Belgium(First Time in India)

MAKUMBA (Insomnia Records,Pralayah Records)-Greece(First time in India)

DARK ELF (Sonic Loom Music,Pralayah Records)-Greece

CONFO (Parvati Records,Pralayah Records)-Greece

MUSSY MOODY (Parvati Records,Pralayah Records)-Denmark

FLIPKNOT (Parvati Records)-India

WHITE WIZARD (Digital Shiva Power)-India

AEGOLIUS (Digital Shiva Power)-Macedonia (First time in India)

BUBBLEGUNS (Pralayah Records,Digital Shiva Power))-India

MALICE IN WONDERLAND (Pralayah Records,2 TO 6 Records)-Austria

JARAMOGI&NAIMA (Blue Hour Sounds,Pralayah Records)-Austria


GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records) Denmark

TADAYAN (Digital Shiva Power) Japan

JIGSAW (Lost In Reality,Banyan Records) Switzerland

KIMMEI (Lost in Reality,Banyan Records) Germany

NAIMA (Blue Hour Sounds) Austria

360 Degree (Pralayah Records) India

KT (Parvati Records) India

MANVANTRA (Pralayah Records,Digital Shiva Power) India

DECOR : VikingVillage, Norway
VISUALS : Alien Vision,India
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