Sunday, 04. February 2018, भारत, TEDxGateway 2018 - India's Largest TEDx Conference (Dome@Nsci, Mumbai)

से 04. February 2018 - 9:00 तक 18:30
1060 उपस्थित लोगों को
घटना विवरण
Save the date: Sunday, 4th Feb 2018
New Venue: DOME@NSCI, Worli, Mumbai

The 8th Edition of TEDxGateway is coming your way at Dome NSCI, Worli, Mumbai.

About TEDxGateway:
TEDxGateway shares the same objective & passion as TED. We are here to spread your ideas all across the globe. Our objective is to reach out and inspire people with “Ideas Worth Sharing” and help people to make a strong difference in the world.

Who attends TEDxGateway?
TEDxGateway is oriented at developing a community of like-minded, highly informed and engaged innovators, designers, thinkers, technologists, environmentally and socially concerned individuals in India's biggest metro - Mumbai.

We bring together the India's leading innovative and imaginative thinkers and activators. Our audience is made up of unique curated and selected mix of influencers who are Ministers, Designers, Billionaires, Heads of states, Artists, Philanthropists, Foundation Leaders, Industrialists, Government Office bearers, Bureaucrats, Padma Shri's & Padma Bhushans, Nobel prize winners, Scientists, Society leaders, Heads of innovation, CEO's / industry leaders, Social entrepreneurs and change makers.

और दिखाओ
8 years & The 8th Edition:
The 8th edition of #TEDxGateway will have some of the most creative and active thinkers from across the globe where discovering, generating and sharing ideas worth spreading will be the main focus.

Previous Speakers:


Limited number of seats are made available for the public to secure online on and BookMyShow.

All attendees will be allotted seat numbers and there will be no floating crowd at the Venue.

Please read all venue and event rules before reserving your seat.

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Bahadurgarh Metro Inaugration

Bahadurgarh Metro Inaugration

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