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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play an important role in developed economies around the world with 90% of industrial output contributed by them. MSMEs account for 37% of India's GDP, 45 percent of India’s exports and provide a good source of income to lower-skilled workers, employing 100 million people, in turn becoming India's second largest employment offering sector after agriculture. The growth of MSMEs is therefore vital for sustained and inclusive development and for boosting employment.

The present Government at the centre, has completed three years in which various inputs from varied sources on a slew of issues have led to setting up of some new initiatives and revamping quite a few.

The Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, has spurred 125 million Indians to start dreaming and thinking about a NEW INDIA, without the shackles of inspector raj, black money, corruption and on the basic principles of Innovation, Creativity & Hardwork. The Union Minister for MSME Shri. Kalraj Mishra coined the slogan of " Berozgaar Se Swarozgaar" or Self-employment for the Unemployed and has been focussing on creating an ecosystem for self employment opportunities while strengthening and promoting MSMEs for enhancing their employment potential.

In line with the vision of the MSME Minister, to enable a Progressive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in all states, the India SME Forum, India’s largest Initiative for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs, in association with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and the BUSINESSWISE magazine, endeavours to put policy makers **** to **** with emerging Entrepreneurs, the stars of India’s fast growing economy, who navigate risk, overcome adversity and dispel uncertainty with little or no support, to create the much needed jobs for the country.

Udyog Samvaad is conceptualized as a series of Conversations for Progress – day long seminars and open houses with Leaders, Business & Management Gurus, Policy makers, Bureaucrats and Smart Entrepreneurs in 24 cities across India in two phases.

One important part of Udyog Samvaad are Key Discussions on the Vision of the government, utilization and execution of various strategies and policies, removal of short term and long term irritants in doing business, highlighting of local and general irritants and issues, which will help arrive at specific solutions for a stronger Small and Medium Enterprise and Job Creation ecosystem in each of the States and help build a NEW INDIA.

Recent studies on entrepreneurs in India, have bemoaned lack of knowledge of best practices and various report have remarked that India's GDP would grow by as much as 25%, if Indian SMEs were to share and apply best practices taken from the more successful entrepreneurs.

और दिखाओ
Focussing on magnification and assimilation of successful best practices of successful enterprises, panels & talks led by Noted Experts and Gurus, on key Best Practices, Growth and Business Strategies, Secrets of Sustainable Growth, are designed to cover most things that ENTREPRENEURS WANT TO KNOW, but either DON’T KNOW WHOM TO ASK, or HESITATE to ask. A MSME network open to all entrepreneurs will enable sharing of the best practices.

This movement of interactive feedback gathering from the ground up and enabling sharing amongst Entrepreneurs are important steps for creating a NEW INDIA. Key recommendations from the entrepreneurs of each state, will be tabulated and shared with the Policy makers.

In line with the PM's wishes of focussing on the North East, the initiative is being launched from GUWAHATI on 23rd of June 2017 and will traverse the length and the breadth of the country.

Entrepreneurs wishing to join or attend the Udyog Samvaad program at Guwahati can register their intent on . Entry is free and by registration only.

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