Saturday, 25. November 2017, <span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Cn</span>, 11.25 香港同志遊行2017 Hong Kong Pride Parade 2017

从 25. November 2017 - 14:00 直到 23:00
707 参加的人
【香港同志遊行2017】(Scroll down for English ver.)
遊行路線:銅鑼灣維園(集合)=>中環愛丁堡廣場(終點集會: 包括表演及展覽攤位)
主題:轉風執位 歧視歸西

「轉風執位」是麻雀遊戲的術語,意思是代表新回合的開始。香港同志遊行是華人社會之中,其中一個重要的同志大型活動,我們特意選用了這項華人傳統遊戲的術語,作為我們2017年同志遊行的主題,寄望在新一屆政府上任之後,能「轉風執位」, 落實保障同志獲得平等權利的法例和政策,讓「歧視歸西」。



11月25日 ,就讓我們一眾支持平等、反對歧視的人齊集維多利亞公園,在2017年裡重新起步,使香港能成一個對不同性別、性傾向均無歧視的國際大都會。


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【Hong Kong Pride Parade 2017】
Date: November 25, 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm
Parade Route: Causeway Bay (Starting Point)-->Edinburgh Place(Finish Point Assembly: performance and exhibition booths)
Theme: Turn the Tide~ Walk with Pride~ Discrimination Says Goodbye

The theme for Hong Kong Pride Parade 2017 is ‘Turn the tide; walk with pride. Discrimination says goodbye.’

‘Turn the tide’ symbolizes to change the situation of LGBT in Hong Kong in the hopes that the new local government administration will come along with a new scenery in the LGBT community where laws and legislations are enacted to grant the community equal rights and protect them from discrimination.

In the beginning of last year, the Equal Opportunities Commission published findings of a research revealing that the majority of Hong Kong citizens are supportive of enacting laws that protect sexual minorities from discrimination. Within the youth population, over 90% were found to be supportive. Hong Kong citizens’ stance on equality and disapproval for discrimination are loud and clear. Regrettably, the last government administration did not fulfil its responsibility to advance measures to protect rights that the LGBT community deserves.

A new government administration has taken office earlier this year. We hope that this will also be a starting point to turn the tide and let discrimination say goodbye. May discrimination become a thing of the past as with the old administration.

On the 25th of November, may all those who support equality and disapprove of discrimination walk with pride and gather in Victoria Park. Let 2017 be a fresh start for turning Hong Kong into an international city that does not discriminate on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.

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