Saturday, 18. November 2017, <span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Cn</span>, 喝吃台北 Drink Eat Taipei - Fall Craft Beer & Food Festival

从 18. November 2017 - 14:00 直到 22:00
493 参加的人
首次舉辦 Drink Eat Taipei,全天免費入場,Drink Eat Taipei活動宗旨:美食、好酒、好友,一同享樂生活,分享好時光!
Drink Eat Taipei is the first of our new free festivals ( no tickets needed), celebrating two aspects of life that we love to embrace. Food & Drink!

主辦單位為Fall Festival精選多家台北酒吧,其中有精釀啤酒、調酒、暖暖的熱甜酒、美食和琳瑯滿目的手工藝品,宛如聖誕市集 ,不僅暖胃也暖心,微醺的秋風之夜,等你來一起來搖擺!
The Fall Festival will focus on craft beer, wine, cocktails and delicious artisinal food, as well as a section focusing on crafts that are perfect for the Christmas season! So come on down and Drink! Eat! Taipei!

------------- W I N ✭ F R E E ✭ P R I Z E S -----------
☞ tag 10 friends in the post and send us a screen shot to You can win all these great PRIZES below from our SPONSORS! The winners will be announced at the event @ 7pm!
分享Drink. Eat. Taipei.-Fall Festival 活動在您的臉書 ,並標記10位好友 ,將此畫 截圖傳當天抽中但未出席者視同棄 權

----------------✭SPONSORS✭ ----------------
----------------✭PRIZES 獎品✭ ----------------

Taipei Expat
oBike Taiwan 100,000nt in FREE Ride Coupons 100,000nt 元乘坐優惠券

The Bulldog
Cadobox 3 x Adventure Boxes - Box 1. 2490元禮券 Box 2. 1990元禮券 Box 3. 2190元禮券
East Drinks West 東飲西方 -Case of mixed beer from California12 混箱啤酒 (1500nt)
KP Kitchen Taiwan 凱焙廚房 Mixed gift packs (1200nt) 凱焙廚房 -烘焙調理包
Mighty Quinn's Barbeque Taiwan 麥笛昆 BBQ - 3 Monster Stack (490nt)
Ed's Diner - 600nt Gift Certificate / 600元禮券
Craft House 精釀啤酒 舒肥 手工披薩坊 - 900元禮券 Gift Certificate
Redpoint Brewing Company 紅點手工鮮釀啤酒 - 2 x cases of Das Pumpkin (4800nt)
The Local Craft Beer House, Cold Brew Coffee & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - 500nt Gift Certificate 禮券
23號啤酒 23 Brewing Company - 6 pack of 23 Beer (600nt)
R&D Cocktail Lab - 2 Bottle gift pack of Egg Nog & Lemoncello. (900nt)
Moosehead Taiwan 麋鹿頭啤酒 - 12 pack of Boundary Ale (1000nt)
URBN culture- 500NT Gift Certificate 禮券
EastSide 東區- 500NT Gift Certificate 禮券
Ron Abuelo(Taiwan) - 980NT Bottle of 7 Year Rum
Ramen Nagi Taiwan 5 x any ramen bowl (1500nt)
HB慕尼黑皇家啤酒 Hofbräu München Taiwan MIXED 20 pack (2000nt)
3 Giants Brewing Co. 巨人啤酒釀造 6pack + Shirt
Danae Supply Co. X2 DRINK EAT TAIPEI whiskey glasses
Sausage Shack Mixed Pack - 1 pork banger, 1 bacon sausage, 1 beef sausage (500nt)
Moosenation Craft Beer - 12 Pack of Cali Common & Shirt (2500nt)
印渡風情 印度餐廳out of india indian restaurant - 2 x 500nt Gift Card (1000nt)
Eddy's Cantina Tianmu 1 艾迪墨西哥餐廳天母1 - Gift Card (500nt) 500元禮券
Beer Wang Tonic Brewing - Home Brew Kit (2400nt)
Quantum Taco - 5 x 2 FREE tacos Gift Card
Ramen Nagi - 5 x Any Bowl Of Ramen Gift Cards

✭✭✭✭✭✭EVENT DETAILS ✭✭✭✭✭✭
✭Food 食物✭
Mighty Quinn's Barbeque Taiwan 麥笛昆 BBQ
Whalen's 味鄰
Street Churros Taiwan
Sausage Shack
印渡風情 印度餐廳out of india indian restaurant
繽豆 Bean Doe coffee & baristas
哥德創意美食屋 Goethe German Cuisine
里奧的灶咖 Leo's Tuck Shop
巴西小點 " Casa do Petisco "
Quantum Tacos

✭Local Craft Beer 精釀啤酒 (當地)✭
Redpoint Brewing Company 紅點手工鮮釀啤酒
Formosa Brewing Co.
3 Giants Brewing Co. 巨人啤酒釀造
Wiesener Brewing Company
23號啤酒 23 Brewing Company

✭Imported Craft Beer精釀啤酒 (進口)✭
Thirsty Monster & KAIJU Beer
Evil Twin Brewing
Clown Shoes Beer
Green Flash Brewing Co.
Mother Earth Brew Co.
Alpine Beer Company
Belching Beaver
Howe Sound Brewing
HB慕尼黑皇家啤酒 Hofbräu München Taiwan
Navy's BeerU
Iron Triangle Brewing DTLA
MOA Beer 摩亞啤酒台灣
Stoke beer taiwan by McCashins
Zeffer Taiwan
Bilishi 比利喜
Indie Drinkster

✭Wine & Cocktails (調酒)✭
R&D Cocktail Lab

✭Local Handicrafts (手工藝品)✭
Vert Vert 綠綠 Handmade clothing & textiles
SisterBoats Hand Crafted Jewelry
Colorwolfstudio Art
Danae Supply Co.
EverBright Massage
Live hand made wooden "handi"crafts by Jeff
✭Music 音樂✭
我們搖擺一整夜! Jedilee Le & Angela Hong 一同DJ,播放1920-1940s 爵士和藍調音樂,當天【Lindy Island Swing Studio】 林迪愛倫搖擺工作室,在下午5-6點之間免費教學swing dance的基本舞步!
Swinging all night long! Jedilee Le & Angela Hong will be throwing down an eclectic mix of 1920-1940s swing and blues. FREE SWING DANCE CLASS with 【Lindy Island Swing Studio】 林迪愛倫搖擺工作室 (5-6PM)

**Join our Official After Party**
As part of Roxy's makeover, they're bringing back Roxy Roots! And you can get in HALF PRICE (150nt with a FREE DRINK!) with a stamp from the festival at the "East Drinks West" booth or The Local Craft Beer House, Cold Brew Coffee & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Ask our staff for the stamp 🙂
ROXY 音樂主題酒吧中, 最受懷念歡迎的雷鬼音樂酒吧 ROXY ROOTS 大復活
Also don't forget to share the event and tag 10 friends to win one of our 170,000NT in prizes!!! 分享Drink. Eat. Taipei.-Fall Festival 活動在您的臉書 ,並標記10位好友 ,將此畫 截圖傳當天抽中但未出席者視同棄 權

ADDRESS: No. 19, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108
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