Sunday, 25. March 2018, <span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Cn</span>, 中西繪本童樂@西九 Picturing Central and Western District at West Kowloon

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【中西繪本童樂@西九 Picturing Central and Western District @ West Kowloon】


由西九文化區及中西區區議會合辦、綠腳丫策劃的「中西繪本童樂@西九」,將透過以繪本、知性、共樂為主題的社區同樂活動,連結中西區與西九文化區,當日將有多個年青藝團及不同持份者共同參與,歡迎大家一起來體驗中西區與西九文化區的活力 !

當日場內將分為七大區域:「繪本音樂動感區」、「繪本遊戲活力區」、「露天繪本圖書館」、「《前面還有什麼車》賽」、「維港共讀體驗區」、「草地親子讀書會」、「悅讀共創工作坊」,將有各種精選的繪本活動,如:《電車小叮在哪裡》音樂互動劇草地版首演;《青蛙樂隊》管弦樂故事音樂會;由家長、社區一起製作的大型木製玩具;露天繪本圖書館展出500本精選繪本等等,超過40多項不同的繪本活動 。

Presented in collaboration with West Kowloon Cultural District and Central & Western DistrictCouncil, and programme partner Little Green Feet, “Picturing Central and Western District@ WestKowloon” is a community engagement event which consists of picturing books, family and fun. Various art groups and stakeholders have paired up to present different performances, gamebooths and workshops.

This free event with lots of fun activities splits into seven zones: “Music Zone”, “Fun Zone”, “Outdoor Library”, “Motor Race Zone”, “Reading by the Harbour”, “Family Reading on the Grass”, “DIY Workshops”. Highlights include the premiere of “Where is Siu Ding, the tram?” interactive musical by Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre Group, “The Frog Band” story in orchestra by Ponte della Musica, Wooden games prepared by the community and the outdoor library exhibits 500 picture books, etc.

Join us on the Nursery Park lawns and experience the vitality of Central & Western District and West Kowloon Cultural District!


Date: 25 March, 2018 (Sun)

Time: 12:00-17:00

地點 :西九文化區苗圃公園
Venue: Nursery Park, West Kowloon Cultural District

內容 :親子 × 繪本 × 遊戲 × 音樂 x 工作坊
Details: Family X Picture Books X Games X Music X Workshops

Fee : Free Admission

合辦 Co-organisers:
西九文化區 West Kowloon Cultural District
中西區區議會 Central & Western District Council

節目策劃 Programme Partner:
綠腳丫 Little Green Feet

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